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Each customer is considered as unique – particular for the Company. All systems and products are of high technology, selected to the needs and requirements of the customer and ensure their satisfaction in spite of complexity of their requirements.


In order to create solutions that ensure maximum investment feedback for our customers, KUWWAT MERKEZI takes into consideration an organization’s growth dynamics along with their current needs, also trends for the future technological development.



Government sector:

• Ministryof Oil andGas

•The Ministry of Communications

• Ministry of Internal Affairs

• Ministry of Finance

• Ministry of Railways

•The State Customs Service

• Attorney General's Office

• Ministry of Education



Commercial sector:

• BUIG international (French construction company)

• VINCI (construction company)

• POLIMEX (Turkish construction company)

• BELDA (Turkish construction company)

• RONESANS (Turkish construction company)

• MTS (GSM provider company)


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