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• PABX and VoIP installation,

• Two-way RF communication system integration,

• Fire alarm system,

• RF & PABX/PSTN integration,

• DECT system installation,

• Microwave transmission.

• Fiberoptic transmission.

• LAN network design and setup,

• Voice & Data transmission system,

• Wireless broadband access,

• HF/VHF/UHF RF systems for voice & data,

• Voice & Data Security System,

• Supervision and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & Telemetry system,

• Access Control system: Card and Biometrical,

• CCTV system with telemetry control and data transmission via coaxial, Telco, Fiber, RF and twisted pair,

• Distributed CCTV network over Ethernet,

• Public Address system,

• AVL GPS system via common RF channels, GSM network and satellite.

• Special projects of the governmental and military purposes,

• etc..


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