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KUWWAT MERKEZI was established in 2010 as communication and security systems integrator and products supplier for Turkmenistan market. Initially the company started its activities with supply and installation of conventional RF systems and later diversifying into other communication media.


In a short space of time KUWWAT MERKEZI obtained reputation as high-qualified and professional company. Our success has been achieved through the knowledge and experience of professional managers and technical staff - whose qualification trainings constantly are being improved in the headquarters of our partners. These partners are the leaders in the field of communication and security technology throughout the world.



KUWWAT MERKEZI mission is Improvement of operation efficiency and safety of continuously progressive organizations in Turkmenistan and other regions of Central Asia by delivering of future oriented and high-reliable communication & IT Solutions.


Our Company is constantly growing and developing products and services in order to serve its customers in the best way. KUWWAT MERKEZI is a unique Company which has an opportunity to accomplish really scalable & complex projects. It has high-qualified technical team, which can provide all services beginning from site survey till after sale support according to customers’ requirements & possibilities (potentialities). The implementation of the Company products is conducted according to the field International Standards and customers’ requirements as well. Our goal is to study all requirements and preferences of our customers and propose the optimal solution, with best price and quality.


Nowadays, KUWWAT MERKEZI is considered as one of supplier and integrator the SCADA Automation, Security, Telecommunication and Software development systems on Turkmenistan Market. Our company provides installation, commissioning, maintenance, customer training and after sale support upon customer's requirements. Project implementation on high level is caused by offering to customers Worlds’ famous brands’ products. Our official business partners are: GE Security, Alcatel-Lucent, Mils Electronic, Axis Communications, Cisco, Cieffe, Avaya and etc.


Company KUWWAT MERKEZI relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and the whole community is in accordance with highest standards of ethics, takes into consideration their interests and satisfies all concerned parties. We try our best to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements. When all needs of customer are carefully studded, we design an optimal solution, taking into consideration activity and infrastructural features of customer.



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